With its amazingly diverse landscape, breathtaking views, exciting outdoor activities, fine dining, exceptional lodging and of course the fantastic wine, the Gorge Wine Region is the perfect choice for a weekend getaway or that next vacation.


  • Consider hiring a designated driver.  Click here for a list of approved tour operators in the Gorge.

  • Refrain from wearing heavily scented items, such as perfumes and lotions.  Even lipstick can affect your wine tasting experience.  Allow the day to be filled with the aromas of wine!

  • Explore varietals unfamiliar to you.  Often these can be a delightful surprise.

  • Ask staff questions.  Gorge residents are proud to live here and serve local wines, and love to share wine knowledge with others.  Ask staff where to have dinner, or to stay.  Where to hike or where to play.

  • Don't be afraid to use the dump buckets.  It is not a sign that you don't care for a wine, and no one will be offended by spitting out a wine or dumping what is left in your glass.  On the contrary, most wine staff appreciate that it may be necessary to not swallow every wine in order to maintain your wine tasting pleasure and maintain your palate.

  • Try a mid-week excursion.  Often tasters who visit on a weekday find the tasting rooms more intimate and the experience more one-on-one.

  • Have fun.  Don't take it too seriously.  After all, wine is about enjoyment on your personal level.  Drink what you like and enjoy with others.



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