The Gorge Wine region is a powerful place. It’s a place of extremes—extremes in climate, scenery and style of wine—where the astounding beauty of the landscape is inextricable from its allure as a world class wine region.

A modern frontier, of sorts—experiencing growth, but holding fast to the heart of what makes it special. The extreme conditions that shape the wine are unique to this region—to be embraced, cultivated and celebrated.

Creativity is at the heart of the vision for Gorge Wine. The region is marked by an intrepid spirit that first seeks to make something great through a fresh approach and willingness to interact with the land.

This is as exciting a wine region as there is anywhere in the country, with an enormous amount of pioneering experimentation going on.
— Sean P. Sullivan, Washington Wine Report


Less than an hour east of Portland, nestled between the majestic peaks of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams lies the Gorge Wine region. This grape- growing region is defined by the Columbia River as it cuts through the Cascade Range at the only sea level passage, between the Arctic Circle to San Francisco in the Western Cordillera Ranges. Here, vineyards experience an alpine influence due to proximity to the Cascade Mountain Range — terrains range from sea level to mountainous altitudes with many variables for orientations. The dramatic transition in landscape and climate is enhanced by the cool moisture flowing eastward from the ocean, bringing 50 inches of rain per year to the eastern foothills of the Cascades and dropping to as little as 10 inches to the region’s arid eastern end.

Though most wine regions don’t cross state lines, the Gorge Wine region is comprised of an intrepid group of winemakers and growers on both shores of the river, in Oregon and Washington, bound by their passion for the craft and commitment to the land. Utilizing more than 50 different premium grape varieties grown across this 40 mile stretch, winemakers have a unique opportunity to create distinction and reveal place as they hone their craft.