Portland Grand Tasting 2019

volunteer application

Thank you for your interest in Gorge Wines and for offering to volunteer at our 10th annual Portland Grand Tasting on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

As a volunteer you will receive complimentary admission to the event for yourself, in exchange for your volunteer shift. We typically need help in the following areas:

  • Door/Greeter/Registration: Welcoming guests + sharing the love for all Gorge Wines, Check for proper photo ID, and administering ticket sales, Help guests get in the door, and find a program, their wine glass, spit cup, and answer general questions

  • Event Support: Table & chair set up + decorations, vendor support + dump bucket exchange, replenish water carafes + ice runs, replenish and clean catering food boards as needed, end of event breakdown assistance

  • VIP Room: Welcoming guests + sharing the love for all Gorge Wines, Pour exclusive VIP wines, Discuss Gorge terroir + wine attributes

Shifts are generally 2 hours in length and assigned throughout the day of the event. You will be contacted the week before the event with your assignment by email; and receive event instructions the week of the event and at sign-in.

Questions may be directed to Debby via email: coordinator@columbiagorgewine.com

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